Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holi Celebrations

This past week there were a lot of Holi festivities.

First on Friday, there was Charpai's Holi celebration where Neel and Niki both sang.

Here's Niki. She was VERY nervous but did a good job on her song (Ye Ishk Hai):

And here's Neel singing Haule - Haule. He was NOT nervous at all... and got the crowds all dancing and clapping because of his clowning around:

(I was recording and was so enthralled by his performance that I was not a good camera man)

Then the next day we celebrated Holi at the Hindu Temple.. Great weather and turnout!

Color was played by all

Then Neel sang Haule Haule again....

to an audience of about 500 cheering people!

While Niki danced as a part of Guiding Star Productions

Fun was had by all!

Monday, March 02, 2009

It's a shoe thing!

I'm writing after a long time... It must be the pangs of jeleously (can't even spell it ;) of my brother's blogging prowess that must have driven me to log in and do the deed.

But I have to be honest and admit that it was Niki's power of expression that compelled me to make this post. It's about... shoes!
First, here's a cut-n-paste of here essay for her English class, followed by some observations:

Niki Krishna 2/19/09
English Period 1 Mrs. Reynolds

My Favorite Pair of Shoes

My favorite pair of shoes is a beautiful pair of green ballet flats. I got these wonderful shoes at the Rue 21 sale last summer. The sale was sometime in July 2008. I had walked in breathless with excitement with my friend who was just as excited as me. The sale happened in a tent in a vacant lot somewhere in Cranberry. The sale was a hit. There were things that were originally extremely expensive that were fifty cents at the Rue 21 sale. My friend and I were digging through boxes as soon as we stepped in the shady coolness of the tent. There were beautiful earrings and necklaces and various pieces of jewelry that were originally sixteen dollars and at the sale they were twenty-five cents! There were glamorous scarves for ten cents! It was wonderful! Then I saw it. I was digging through a very large box of odds and ends. There were the beautiful green shoes looking wonderful. I quickly took off my tennis shoes and socks. Then I quickly tried on the shoes. They were exactly my size. It was like a miracle in a story where it seems like everything works out perfectly. I couldn’t believe it! I wanted to rush over to my mom and show it to her, but I realized I had to put on my real shoes first. When I picked them up I thought of how useless they seemed compared to the beautiful shoes I was just wearing. Those shoes were just splendid. Now my regular old sneakers were stones that were hollowed out so you could put your feet in them and drag each step forward! The ballet flats were an attractive sea-green color on the outside. The green was such a bold color it made me dizzy when I looked at it. On the inside there were lovely little red hearts that covered most of the bright, bright, white bottom that you could still see between the hearts. On the left side of my left shoe and on the right side of my right shoe there is a small opening on the heel and on top of the opening there is a small bow that is the dazzling green color. On the right side of my left shoe and the left side of my right shoe there is another small opening except without the bow. Then on the inside there are the words ‘rue 21 etc!’ There is a circle around ‘etc!’ Now up to this day my shoes have taken me to parties, malls, school, parks, farms and home of course! Then in the summer of 2008 they have taken me through fields of wheat and lilies, through steams I have waded in, and still smell of soft hay that I ran in when I was running to the tire swing with my friends in Lindbrooke Park. My shoes are a pathway that carries me to fun, success, and happiness. They are like a pair of wings that drift me away to different places. I have been to many different cities with these shoes. These shoes are my favorite shoes because none of my other shoes are as light footed, attractive, and comfortable as these ones. These shoes are as wonderful as a free pair of nice shoes. My old pair of sneakers is as dumb as a doorknob. My new shoes are the answers to all my prayers. They were cozy, soft, and pretty. They are jet packs that will carry me to all the places I want to go. I couldn’t wait to walk in them.

First thing I have to say.. you notice how Niki doesn't believe in paragraphs. It's one long narrative... well.. all I can say is that that is how Niki is in real life.. no pauses!

Secondly, I HAVE to comment on the Tandon families' children's obsession with shoes. We have Aayush who is out to do his PhD on shoes and here's Niki who has written so many words about something that I could say but a sentence or two on.
I think Aayush should start a shoe company and make Niki in-charge of sales!