Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gita - Sanskrit + Hindi from Gitamrta.org

Hello friends,

I listened to an audio stream of the Gita translation in Sanskrit and Hindi from Gitamrta.org.

I was so moved by the rendition that I made some mp3s of each chapter. I especially like the pace of the narration because it moves fast thru each shlok (without the explanation) That kind of gives a continuity to the dialog. For me, I'd rather read the Gita quickly a hundred times and peel off the intricacies of the divine dialog with each reading, as against reading it once or twice with an explanation.

So I requested the creator of this archive if I could share the mp3s that I have recorded.
And very kindly, he agreed with a simple "no problem"!

So, here's the BG in Sanskrit and Hindi by chapters. It is produced by Kamlesh Patel (of Karamsad.com) and the narrator is Savyasachi Das:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

More coming soon...