Sunday, October 18, 2015

Europe 2015

All our bags are packed.. we're ready to go!

Sep 26-27: Pittsburgh to Toronto 

to Zurich at 8am.

View from Novotel:

Bought swiss travel.pass for 251 CHF per person for 4 days starting Sep 28. In addition bought 13 chf pass per person for Sep 27 to travel within Zurich.

Took train from airport to Novotel hotel. Since time difference between US and Switzerland is 6 hours,  we slept for 2 hours and then took a tram to "old town". 

Ate veg panini in a restaurant called "Motta".

Then walked around town and took the low boat ride in the river that flowed into the big lake.
There were very healthy swans in the river.

Then went for a big boat ride (not low boat) for a 15 minute ride and then walked back to Zurich downtown.

On the way we walked in the park a bit south of zurich and since I did not have swiss francs,  a Pakistani waiter (young man) leant us a cappuccino. I took his contact and intend to help him as he said he'd done his ms in IT from London.

Then dinner in a vegan restaurant called tibits.

Walked/ discovered a wonderful street north of Motto with a very European look (cobble stones etc). I think it was called niederstall strasse.
Back to the hotel..

Day 2: got up at 10 am because of jetlag. Breakfast/lunch  in Motto again. Walked around town and took a polytrain to the zurich university.
Took a big boat (to a place called kli*), then came back to hotel and heard from neel about being low on funds.
Had a big fight because of that.
Headed to Bern after nightfall.
Took s bus to old city altho we could have walked out too (20 minutes).
Reached old city and stood in line to watch the guy in the clock to strike a gong 8 times along with a  100 other tourists.
Then checked onto golden schlussel hotel on rathausgasse which is right in the center of old town.
Then rested for 1 hour and headed out for walking around old town.
Ate in a place called spaghetti factory. Quite lousy. Also walked into a place called casino thinking it was a casino but it turned out to be a private party.
Day 3: Next morning started at 9 am. Had a very nice breakfast in golden schlussel.
Walked the length and breadth if old town. Also saw a place where there were bears (an enclosure for bears) altho we couldn't see any.
Then went to see Einstien's house followed by by a visit to the Einstien's museum.
Then got got on a train train to Luzerne around 2 pm with the intention to take  the golden pass express at 6.
Met a sweet old lady (teacher), swiss lady lady who lady who plans ladywhoplanson ladywhoplansontravelling ladywhoplansontravelling ladywhoplansontravellingtomyanmar next month.


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