Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holi Celebrations

This past week there were a lot of Holi festivities.

First on Friday, there was Charpai's Holi celebration where Neel and Niki both sang.

Here's Niki. She was VERY nervous but did a good job on her song (Ye Ishk Hai):

And here's Neel singing Haule - Haule. He was NOT nervous at all... and got the crowds all dancing and clapping because of his clowning around:

(I was recording and was so enthralled by his performance that I was not a good camera man)

Then the next day we celebrated Holi at the Hindu Temple.. Great weather and turnout!

Color was played by all

Then Neel sang Haule Haule again....

to an audience of about 500 cheering people!

While Niki danced as a part of Guiding Star Productions

Fun was had by all!


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